Siberia, Divnogorsk \ Krasnoyarsk

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“I’ve never really played a goody in the traditional sense. Anyway, I don’t think that I look the part of a heroic character, especially not in Hollywood, so they never really come up. On a childish level, villains are just more fun.”

Happy Birthday Tim Roth (14 May 1961)

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Happy 50th Birthday, Quentin Tarantino!

Happy 50th birthday to one of the most talented, controversial, eccentric and brilliant men in filmmaking - Quentin Tarantino

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“Okay, these are the rules. Don’t break the rules, and I won’t break your necks.” -Ted, Four Rooms (1995)

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“Well, Sally has, hands down, been my number one collaborator. She’s worked with me on every movie I’ve ever done from Reservoir Dogs on.” —Quentin Tarantino

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Room 309
The misbehavers
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